The LunarGato has always been one of indoor soccer's most premium shoes, but this version really amps up the quality. The Nike LunarGato II starts with an advanced goat leather kicking area that is second to none in softness. It cuts down on your shoe's break-in period for easier play even sooner. Over the midfoot, fused mesh panels provide dynamic lateral support and increased breathability. The toe is capped with rubber to increase its durability against abrasions. In the midsole, advanced Lunarlon cushioning absorbs energy from impact and actually returns it into your step for more efficient play. Under the foot lies a rubber outsole. It's built with a tread that enhances ball control, as well as first metatarsal activation. It works to better the forefoot's agility, allowing for the perfect indoor movements. The outsole rubber's thickness has also been reduced to increase flexibility, helping you handle the ball with ease. Wt. 8.5 oz.