The 1990s

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Sunset Waltz in Cumbria Dress
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Gorgeous vintage 1990s red mixed paisley and ditsy floral bias cut rayon georgette maxi bohemian dress with v-neckline surplice bodice, long puff sleeves, and tiered flowing skirt. Dress is cut on the bias and will hug your curves beautifully. Slips...


The 1990s

Whether you lived in this decade, were born in this decade, or lived vicariously in this decade through the recent revivals of its trends, you are most likely familiar with this decade. The 1990s were a peaceful decade, having survived the long lasting cold war with a relatively healthy economy, a booming film and television industry, experimental fashion trends and many high school - young adult rom coms to obsess over with friends. Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows (we have Lisa Frank to thank for those), as the paranoia of the Y2K bug/apocalypse was looming ever nearer. Luckily we had many delightful distractions to keep our spirits high, including the beginning of the Harry Potter movies, Friends, and Yo-Yos!

This decade is very special to Mental Magie in particular. We find so much inspiration from romantic films, music, theater costumes, poetry, painters, architecture and literature from this time. Many of the modern styles we bring into the shop are influenced by the clean lines, the timeless femininity, and the classic silhouettes that the 90s mastered. Not to mention, we love a ditzy floral.

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