The 1970s

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The 1970s

Oh, what didn't this decade embrace? There was so much political activism, womens liberation, fight for racial justice and equality, environmental activism and revival for a more natural presentation of beauty, femininity and society.

When we think of the 70s, we swoon over style icons like Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy, Diane Keaton. We adore the natural beauty, the soft curls and the minimal makeup. Sunkissed skin and turtlenecks. Perhaps more than anything we love this period for its medieval revivalism. With a resurgence in passion for natural beauty both in people and the outdoors, we see a trend rise in romantic dresses, interior decorating and beauty that reflect the ideals of the Victorian pre-raphaelite movement (a period that highly idolized Medieval-ism, Arthurian legends, and romantic art) and the 19th century prairie styling.

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