The 1930s

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The 1930s

In contrast to the crash of the stock market and the rise of the Great Depression, the 1930s was a glamorous and dynamic time for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. While most people didn't have much money, they did want to live out their fantasies of fortune vicariously through the silver screen. Starlets and stars appeared on red carpets and events dressed to the 9's and the fashion of the time responded by making glitzy garments at affordable prices. Costume jewelry, novelty print cotton dresses and synthetic fabrics created to feel like fine silks were available for those pinching pennies. 

The Fashion

The pendulum that swung to a more slim, boyish figure during the 1920s seemed to swing back to more figure hugging femininity in the 1930s. Silhouettes began taking a more curvaceous shape with draping and fine tailoring. Hemlines lowered back down to the mid calf or ankles and waistlines rose back to the true waist to define one's figure. Factory-made clothing became mainstreamed as it was more affordable and accessible than made-to-order (bespoke) garments. Perhaps our favorite trend of this era was fabric being cut on the bias, at a diagonal so there is natural stretch to the garment. This creates a slinky, figure hugging effect. We also love the novelty prints, girlish accents like keyholes and lace and piping that this era introduced. 


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