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A bustling era of innovation and cultural changes, the turn of the 20th century saw the final waves of the Belle Époque, the brief rise and fall of the Edwardian era and the start of a new level of manufacturing and artistic experimentation. The Model T was introduced, WWI had begun, Madame Butterfly made its debut, and the Romanov family met their tragic fate. With women around the world fighting for the right to vote, more attention is drawn to the evolution to dress and its political symbolism. 

The Fashion

As women earned their right to vote and a concern for equality become more present in practical terms, the need for looser and more comfortable clothing was dire. The rigid and restrictive corsets of prior eras gave way to more flexible girdles and undergarments that followed a woman's natural curves instead of forcing them into a prescribed shape. We love the silhouettes of the late-Edwardian to early 'teens' era: think boxy and spacious bodices that leave room for the bosom to breathe, slimmer waists and hips cinched in only by excellent tailoring and accented by the most heavenly laces or embroidery. While it is becoming more difficult to find pieces from this era that are in tact and wearable, we love finding the perfect antique Edwardian dress for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. 

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